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500 Engineering Books Free Download

The collection of approx 500 Engineering Books which includes Books on

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electronics Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Telecom Engineering
  • Other Engineering Fields

Download a Torrent File contains the following eBooks.

S.No Book Title Type Size
1  Analog Integrated Circuit Design.pdf  PDF 1.6MB
2  Digital.Logic.And.Microprocessor.Design.With.VHDL.pdf  PDF 5.8MB
3 (Artech.) Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit Design.pdf PDF 9.6MB
4 (Delmar) Digital Signal Processing – Filtering Approach.pdf  PDF 3.4MB
5 (Delmar) Fiber Optics Technician’s Manual (2nd Ed.). Pdf  PDF 1.5MB
6 (Delmar) Modern Control Technology –Components & Systems (2nd Ed.). Pdf  PDF 6.4MB
7 (eWiley) Mobile Fading Channels – Modeling, Analysis & Simulation.pdf  PDF 10.3MB
8 (Kluwer) Reuse Methodology Manual for System-on-a-Chip Designs (3rd ed.). Pdf  PDF 6,7MB
9 (McGraw) Schaum’s Outlines of Digital Signal Processing.pdf  PDF 7.1MB
10 (McGraw) Schaum’s Outlines of Signals & Systems.pdf  PDF 6.5MB
11 3G Handset And Network Design – Wiley & Sons.pdf  PDF 7.7MB
12 802.11 Security.pdf PDF 0.9MB
13 802.11.Wireless.LAN.Fundamentals.Cisco.Press.eBook-kB.pdf  PDF 6.8MB
14 A First Course in Corporate Finance.pdf  PDF 6.2MB
15 A First Lab in Circuits and Electronics.pdf  PDF 10.9MB
16 A Primer on Asynchronous Modem Communication.pdf  PDF 0.3MB
17 A User’s Guide to Aspect Ratio Conversion.pdf  PDF 0.5MB
18 A wavelet tour of signal processing Mallat S. (draft, 2005) (851s) _MNw_.pdf  PDF 8.8MB
19 Abstract Harmonic Analysis of Continuous Wavelet Transforms.pdf  PDF 1.2 MB
20 Adaptive Control Systems.pdf  PDF 2.4MB
21 Adaptive Digital Filters Second Edition.pdf  PDF 2.5MB
22 Addison Wesley – RTP. Audio and Video for the Internet.chm  CHM 3.0MB
23 Advanced Control Engineering.pdf  PDF 2, 7MB
24 Advanced Digital Signal Processing and Noise Reduction 2nd Edition.pdf  PDF 4.3MB
25 Advanced.Techniques.in.RF.Power.Amplifier.Design.pdf  PDF 2.4MB
26 Advanced.Wired.and.Wireless.Networks.Springer.eBook-YYePG.pdf  PDF 9.7MB
27 Advances.in.Fingerprint.Technology.Second .Edition.eBook-EEn.pdf  PDF 18.0MB
28 Advances.in.Mobile .Radio.Access.Networks.Artech.House.Publishers.Jun.2005.eBook-LinG.pdf PDF 5,0MB
29 Air_and_Spaceborne_Radar_Systems_An_Introduction.2001.WilliamAndrewPublishing.RR.pdf  PDF 15.8MB
30 Alternative.Breast.Imaging.Kluwer.Academic.Publishers.eBook-LinG.pdf  PDF 12.2MB
31 An Introduction to Pattern Recognition – Michael Alder.pdf  PDF 4 , 5MB
32 An Introduction To Statistical Signal Processing.pdf  PDF 2.1MB
33 An Introduction to the Theory of Microwave Circuits (Kurokawa) .pdf  PDF 19.5MB
34 Analog And Digital Control System Design.pdf PDF 19.8MB
35 Analog BiCMOS Design Practices and Pitfalls.pdf PDF 2.6MB
36 Analog Circuit Design.pdf  PDF 23.4MB
37 Analog Circuits Cookbook.pdf  PDF 2.1MB
38 Analog.and.Digital.Circuits.for.Electronic.Control.System.Applications..pdf  PDF 5.1MB
39 Analysis And Design Of Analog Integrated Circuits.pdf  PDF 29.8MB
40 Analysis and Design of Integrated Circuit-Antenna Modules.pdf  PDF 7.9MB
41 Antenna Arraying Techniques In The Deep Space Network.pdf  PDF 1.4MB
42 Antenna handbook.pdf  PDF 6.1MB
43 Antennas.for.Information.Super.Skyways.Institute.of.Physics.Publishing.Feb.2004.eBook-DDU.pdf  PDF 6.2MB
44 Application of Programmable DSPs in Mobile Communications 2002.pdf  PDF 4.9MB
45 Application-Specific Integrated Circuits – Addison Wesley Michael John Sebastian Smith.pdf  PDF 7.3MB
46 Art of analog layout.pdf  PDF 8.2MB
47 Art.And.Business.Of.Speech.Recognition.Addison.Wesley.eBook-LiB.chm  CHM 0.5MB
48 Artech House – GPRS for Mobile Internet.chm  CHM 12.4MB
49 Artech-Interference Analysis and Reduction for Wireless Systems.pdf  PDF 5,6MB
50 Artech-Location Management and Routing in Mobile Wireless Networks. pdf  PDF 1.6MB
51 Artech-TDD-CDMA for Wireless Communications.pdf  PDF 2.4MB
52 Artech-Technology Trends in Wireless Communications.pdf  PDF 4.1MB
53 ASIC.and.FPGA.Verification.A.Guide.to.Component.Modeling.Morgan.Kaufmann.eBook-LiB.pdf  PDF 3.2MB
54 Audel.Electrical.Course .for.Apprentices.and.Journeymen.eBook.pdf  PDF 4.9MB
55 Automated.Fingerprint.Identification.Systems. (AFIS) .Academic.Press.eBook-YYePG.pdf  PDF 3.7MB
56 Automotive Computer Controlled Systems Diagnostic Tools And Techniques.pdf  PDF 7.8MB
57 Ballard DH, Computer vision Brown CM (PH, 1982) (ISBN 0131653164) (T) (548s) .djvu  DJVU 8.0MB
58 Bandwidth efficient digital modulation in deep-space communications.pdf  PDF 2 , 3MB
59 Basic Electronics Components and Hardware-I (CFS) .pdf  PDF 3.7MB
60 Basic Electronics Components and Hardware-II (CFS) .pdf  PDF 1.8MB
61 Basic Theory and Application of Transistors.djvu  DJVU 5.0MB
62 Bayesian Approach to Image Interpretation Kopparapu, Desai. (Kluwer, 2002) (T) (144s) .djvu  DJVU 1.4MB
63 Bebop to the Boolean Boogie.pdf PDF 5,8MB
64 Bluetooth Application Developers Guide.pdf  PDF 5.0MB
65 Bluetooth Demystified.pdf  PDF 11.1MB
66 Bluetooth Security (2004) .pdf  PDF 1.5MB
67 BluetoothGuide.pdf  PDF 5.0MB
68 Brandwood. Fourier transforms in radar and signal processing (2003) (T) (212s) .djvu  DJVU 1.3MB
69 Broadband Bringing Home the Bits.pdf  PDF 12.5MB
70 Broadband.Bible.John.Wiley.and.Sons.eBook-kB .pdf  PDF 17.3MB
71 Broadband.Microwave.Amplifiers.Artech.House.eBook-TLFeBOOK.pdf  PDF 4.5MB
72 Building Financial Models – McGraw-Hill – 2004 – ISBN 0071402101 – 353s – TLFeBOOK. pdf  PDF 4.5MB
73 Building.Secure.Wireless.Networks.with.802.11.eBook-EEn.pdf  PDF 6.0MB
74 C Algorithms for Real-time DSP 1995.pdf  PDF 10.2MB
75 CAD of Microstrip Antennas for Wireless Applications.pdf  PDF 10.8MB
76 CDMA Capacity and Quality Optimization.pdf  PDF 3.8MB
77 CDMA Mobile Radio Design – Artech House.pdf PDF 5,5MB
78 CDMA RF System Engineering.pdf  PDF 0.9MB
79 CDMA.Systems.Capacity.Engineering.Artech.House.Publishers.eBook-kB.pdf  PDF 4.2MB
80 Cellular Mobile Radio Systems Designing Systems For Capacity Optimization.pdf  PDF 1.8MB
81 Circuit Analysis Theory and Practice.pdf  PDF 19,7MB
82 Circuit Design for RF Transceivers.pdf  PDF 14,8MB
83 Circuit- techniques-for-low-voltage- high-speed-ADCs.pdf  PDF 11.1MB
84 Circuits and Systems for Wireless Communications.pdf  PDF 9,9MB
85 Circuits for the Hobbyist.pdf  PDF 15,2MB
86 Closed Circuit Television.pdf  PDF 5,1MB
87 Closing.The.Gap.Between.ASIC.and.Custom Tools And Techniques of High Performance ASIC Design.pdf  PDF 38.8MB
88 CMOS Analog Circuit Design.pdf  PDF 2.2MB
89 CMOS Electronics How It Works How It Fails.pdf PDF 3, 1MB
90 CMOS IC Layout.pdf  PDF 8.7MB
91 CMOS Integrated ADC and DAC 2ndEd..pdf  PDF 23.0MB
92 CMOS memory circuits.pdf PDF 12.6MB
93 CMOS. Circuit Design, Layout and Simulation 2.pdf  PDF 41.2MB
94 CMOS.PLL.Synthesizers.Analysis.and.Design.Springer.Nov.2004.eBook-LinG.pdf  PDF 13.1MB
95 Communications Network Test and Measurement Handbook.pdf  PDF 8.0MB
96 Communications Receivers DSP, Software Radios, and Design, Third Edition.pdf  PDF 7.3MB
97 Compact and Broadband Microstrip Antennas.pdf  PDF 6.9MB
98 Complete Wireless Design .pdf  PDF 3,1MB
99 Computer imaging recipes in C Myler HR, Weeks AR (PH, 1993) (600dpi) (T) (ISBN 0131898795) (284s) .djvu  DJVU 7,6MB
100 Computers in Communication.pdf  PDF 2,6MB
101 Consumer’s Guide to Cell Phones and Wireless Service Plans.pdf  PDF 4.3MB
102 Continuous-Time Active Filter Design.pdf  PDF 7.0MB
103 Control Engineering – A Guide For Beginners .pdf PDF 1.8MB
104 Coplanar Waveguide Circuits, Components, and Systems.pdf PDF 11.2MB
105 Crane R. Simplified approach to image processing in C (PH, 1997) (T) (ISBN 0132264161) (324s) .djvu  DJVU 3.8MB
106 CRC Press – Intelligent Control Systems Using Soft Computing Methodologies.pdf  PDF 12.0MB
107 CRC Press – The Communications Facility Design Handbook.pdf  PDF 7.7MB
108 Data Communications Networking Devices – Fourth Edition.pdf  PDF 6.2MB
109 Data.Conversion.Handbook.Elsevier.eBook-LinG.pdf  PDF 22.8MB
110 Deep Submicron CMOS Circuit Design Simulator In Hands.pdf  PDF 15.0MB
111 Design of Analog CMOS Integrated Circuits.pdf PDF 18.1MB
112 Design Of Modulators For Oversampled Converters (Wang, Harjani-1998 ) .pdf  PDF 8.5MB
113 Design.and.Performance.of.3G.Wireless. Networks.and.Wireless.LANs.Springer.Sep.2005.pdf  PDF 19.9MB
114 Design.Of.Linear.RF.Outphasing.Power.Amplifiers.Artech.House. eBook-LiB.pdf  PDF 6.2MB
115 Designing a Wireless Network.pdf  PDF 4.5MB
116 Designing Analog Chips.pdf  PDF 2.7MB
117 Designing and Developing Scalable IP Networks.pdf  PDF 3.2MB
118 Developments.in.Speech.Synthesis.John.Wiley.Sons.Apr.2005.eBook-LinG.pdf PDF 4,4MB
119 Dielectric Resonator Antennas.pdf  PDF 9.0MB
120 Digital Audio Broadcasting.pdf  PDF 14.9MB
121 Digital Communication Over Fading Channels.pdf PDF 4.5MB
122 DIGITAL COMMUNICATIONS Design for the Real World.rar  RAR 6.0MB
123 Digital Design Fundamentals.pdf  PDF 12.2MB
124 Digital Design Principles and Practices.pdf  PDF 6.9MB
125 Digital Electronics.pdf  PDF 1.5MB
126 Digital Frequency Synthesis Demystified.pdf  PDF 5.0MB
127 Digital image processing – B.Jahne.djvu  DJVU 7.8MB
128 Digital Integrated Circuits wo2.8.pdf  PDF 35.7MB
129 Digital Interfaces and Bus Systems for Communication.pdf PDF 4.6MB
130 digital methods in electromagnetics.djvu  DJVU 5,8MB
131 Digital Signal Processing Laboratory Experiments Using C.pdf  PDF 2.9MB
132 Digital Signal Processing System Level Design Using LabVIEW Newnes.Jun.2005.eBook-DDU.pdf  PDF 7.7MB
133 Digital signal Processing.djvu  DJVU 4.0MB
134 Digital Signal Processors In Cellular Radio Communications Ieee.pdf  PDF 2.4MB
135 Digital Switching Systems (System Reliability and Analysis) .pdf  PDF 2.1MB
136 Digital.Synthesizers.and.Transmitters.for.Software.Radio.Springer.Jul.2005.eBook-DDU.pdf  PDF 14, 6MB
137 Digital.Video.for.Dummies.Wiley. (2003),. 3Ed. pdf  PDF 13.3MB
138 Digital.Video.Quality.Vision.Models.and.Metrics.John.Wiley.and.Sons .Mar.2005.eBook-DDU.pdf  PDF 3.0MB
139 Digitally Assisted Pipeline ADCs Theory and Implementation.pdf PDF 6,9MB
140 Discovering Bluetooth (Sybex) .pdf  PDF 1,9MB
141 Distortion Analysis of Analog Integrated Circuits.pdf  PDF 20.2MB
142 Distortion.in.rf.power.amplifiers.ebook-lib.pdf  PDF 2,7MB
143 DOE Fundamentals Handbook, Electrical Science vol 1.pdf  PDF 4.3MB
144 DOE Fundamentals Handbook, Electrical Science vol 2.pdf  PDF 3.3MB
145 DOE Fundamentals Handbook, Electrical Science vol 3.pdf  PDF 2.2MB
146 DOE Fundamentals Handbook, Electrical Science vol 4.pdf  PDF 4.9MB
147 DSP Facts and Equipment.pdf  PDF 0.4MB
148 DSP Realtime Operating Systems for Embedded Systems.pdf  PDF 1.3MB
149 DSP.for.In-Vehicle.and.Mobile.Systems.Springer.eBook-YYePG.pdf  PDF 15.1MB
150 dsp_algorithms_for_programmers.pdf  PDF 1,2MB
151 Duda RO, Hart PE, Stork DG Pattern classification (2ed., Wiley) (C) (738s) .djvu  DJVU 6.5MB
152 Dudgeon D., Mersereau R., Merser R., Multidimensional Digital Signal Processing (1995) (T) (406s) .djvu  DJVU 9.1MB
153 EDGE for Mobile Internet.pdf  PDF 4.8MB
154 Electrical and Electronic Principles and Technology-0750665505 [Newnes] (John Bird) .pdf  PDF 4,6MB
155 Electrical Circuits.pdf  PDF 16.4MB
156 Electrical Engineering Dictionary (PA Laplante, CRC) .pdf PDF 5,6MB
157 Electrician’s Exam Question and Answers.pdf  PDF 2.5MB
158 Electromagnetic Waves and Antennas.pdf  PDF 11.8MB
159 Electronics for Hobbyists 1.djvu  DJVU 2,1MB
160 Electronics for Hobbyists 2.djvu  DJVU 1.7MB
161 Electronics for Hobbyists 3.djvu  DJVU 1 , 6MB
162 Electronics for Hobbyists 4.djvu  DJVU 1.3MB
163 Electronics for Hobbyists 5.djvu  DJVU 0.9MB
164 Electronics for Hobbyists 6.djvu  DJVU 0.8MB
165 Electronics for Hobbyists 7.djvu  DJVU 1.0MB
166 electronics technician volume 1 – safety.pdf  PDF 1.0MB
167 electronics technician volume 2 – administration.pdf  PDF 2.2MB
168 electronics technician volume 3 – communications systems.pdf  PDF 12.1MB
169 electronics technician volume 4 – radar systems.pdf  PDF 0.8MB
170 electronics technician volume 6 – digital data systems.pdf  PDF 16.5MB
171 electronics technician volume 7 – antennas and wave propagation.pdf  PDF 3,2MB
172 Electronics.for.Dummies.John.Wiley.and.Sons.eBook-LinG.pdf  PDF 20.9MB
173 Encyclopedia_Of_Networking.pdf  PDF 12.7MB
174 Engineering Digital Design.pdf  PDF 50.6MB
175 Engineer’s Mini-Notebook – 555 Timer IC Circuits.pdf  PDF 7,1MB
176 Engineer’s Notebook II A Handbook Of Integrated Circuit Applications – Forrest Mims.pdf PDF 14.9MB
177 Error control coding. From theory to practice.Sweeney P. (Wiley, 2002) .pdf  PDF 17.7MB
178 ESD In Silicon Integrated Circuits.pdf  PDF 3.9MB
179 Essentials of Managing Corporate Cash – John Wiley & Sons.chm  CHM 2.7MB
180 Experimental Approach CDMA & Interference (From Architecture Through VLSI) .pdf  PDF 7.4 MB
181 Fast Forward MBA in Finance.pdf  PDF 2.1MB
182 Feedback Amplifiers Theory and Design.pdf  PDF 7.4MB
183 Feedback Circuit Analysis.pdf  PDF 25.1MB
184 Feedback Linearization of RF Power Amplifiers.pdf  PDF 5.9MB
185 Feedbackcontroltheory.djvu  DJVU 1.0MB
186 Fiber Channel for Mass Storage – Prentice Hall.chm  CHM 1.1MB
187 Fiber Channel for SANs.pdf PDF 1.8MB
188 Fiber Optic Communication Systems.PDF  PDF 4.7MB
189 Fiber Optic Sensors.pdf  PDF 3.4MB
190 Fiber.to.the.Home.The.New.Empowerment.Wiley.Interscience.Oct.2005 .eBook-LinG.pdf  PDF 3.9MB
191 Filter Handbook a Practical Design Guide – S.Niewiadomski.pdf PDF 9.6MB
192 Finance for Non-Financial Managers.pdf  PDF 2.9MB
193 Financial modeling with jump processes Cont R., Tankov P. (CRC, 2004) (T) (C) (527s) _MVspf_.djvu  DJVU 5.3MB
194 Financial Risk Manager Handbook, 047143003X.Wiley.Second Edition.pdf PDF 4.7MB
195 Financial.Engineering.Principles.A.Unified.Theory.for.Financial.Product.Analysis And Valuation.John.Wiley.and.Sons.pdf  PDF 3.3MB
196 Finite Antenna Arrays and FSS.pdf  PDF 4, 7MB
197 First course on wavelets Hernandez, Weiss. (CRC, 1996) (T) (ISBN 0849382742) (454s) .djvu  DJVU 2.3MB
198 Fixed Broadband Wireless System Design – Wiley – 2003 – (By Laxxuss) .pdf  PDF 8.8MB
199 For.Dummies.HDTV.For.Dummies.Nov.2004.eBook-DDU.pdf  PDF 4.9MB
200 Fundamental Limitations In Filtering And Control.pdf  PDF 2.3MB
201 Fundamentals of Global Positioning System Receivers.pdf  PDF 2.7MB
202 Fundamentals Of RF Circuit Design With Low Noise Oscillators.pdf  PDF 3, 9MB
203 Fundamentals of Telecommunications.pdf PDF 8.7MB
204 Fundamentals of wavelets. Theory, algorithms, and applications Goswami, Chan. (Wiley) (T) (319s) .djvu  DJVU 4.7MB
205 Fundamentals Of Wireless Communication.pdf  PDF 4.0MB
206 Fuzzy Control Systems – Design and Analysis.pdf  PDF 5,6MB
207 Getting.Started.As.a.Financial.Planner.Rev.and. Updated.Ed.eBook-YYePG.pdf  PDF 2.3MB
208 GSM And Personal Communications.pdf  PDF 2.6MB
209 GSM Networks..Protocols Terminology and Implementation.PDF  PDF 5.7MB
210 GSM Switching Services and Protocols.pdf  PDF 7.8MB
211 Guide To Budgets And Financial Management.pdf  PDF , 9MB
212 Guide To Digital Signal Processing.pdf  PDF 12.7MB
213 Gustafsson F. Adaptive Filtering and Change Detection (Wiley, 2000) (T) (498s) .djvu  DJVU 4.0MB
214 Handbook of Multisensor Data Fusion.pdf  PDF 9.8MB
215 Handbook Of Time Series Analysis, Signal Processing, And Dynamics.pdf  PDF 2.3MB
216 Handbook of Wireless Networks and Mobile Computing.pdf  PDF 5.7MB
217 Handbook_on_Satellite_Communications.pdf  PDF 9.5MB
218 Hardening_IEEE802.11_Wireless_Networks.pdf  PDF 0.6MB
219 HF Antenna Cookbook.pdf  PDF 0.6MB
220 HF Filter Design and Computer Simulation.pdf  PDF 9.4MB
221 High Performance Control.PDF PDF 5.5MB
222 High-speed Digital Design – Johnson & Graham.pdf  PDF 19.6MB
223 High-Speed.Signal.Propagation.Advanced.Black.Magic.Prentice.eBook-LiB.chm  CHM 6.0MB
224 IEE Tutorial Meeting on Digital Signal Processing for Radar and Sonar Applications, 1990.pdf  PDF 1.4MB
225 IEEE – Adaptive fuzzy power control for CDMA mobile radio systems.pdf  PDF 1.1MB
226 Ieee – Wireless Communication Circuits And Systems.chm  CHM 16.2MB
227 IEEE .-. Telecommunications.Performance.Engineering.chm  CHM 10.9MB
228 IEEE-Telecommunications Network Modeling, Planning and Design.chm  CHM 8.4MB
229 Image analysis and mathematical morphology Serra J. (AP, 1982) (T) (621s) (300dpi) _CsIp_.djvu  DJVU 7.0MB
230 Image Processing in C .pdf  PDF 9.6MB
231 Image Recognition and Classification. Algorithms, Systems and Applications – Marcel Dekker – 2002 – ISBN 0824707834 – 493s.pdf  PDF 13.3 MB
232 Image.Processing. Using.Pulse.Coupled.Neural.Networks.Springer.Sep.2005.eBook-DDU.pdf  PDF 6.1MB
233 Image.Processing.With.LabVIEW.And.IMAQ.Vision.Prentice.eBook-LiB.chm  CHM 10.4MB
234 Implementing Bluetooth in an Embedded Device.pdf  PDF 1,7MB
235 Implementing.802.11.802.16.and.802.20.Wireless.Networks.Newnes.Jul.2004.eBook-DDU.pdf  PDF 4.1MB
236 Industrial Control.pdf  PDF 7.0MB
237 Industrial Electronics for engineers, chemists, and technicians.pdf  PDF 2.1MB
238 Integrated Electronics.pdf  PDF 40.6MB
239 Integrated Fiber Optic Receivers (Buchwald) .pdf  PDF 5.0MB
240 Intermodulation Distortion in Microwave and Wireless Circuits.pdf  PDF 8.2MB
241 Introduction to 3G Mobile Communications.pdf  PDF 4.5MB
242 Introduction to Bluetooth Technology, Market, Operation, Profiles, & Services.chm  CHM 0.8MB
243 Introduction to CPLD and FPGA Design.PDF  PDF 1.0MB
244 Introduction To Error Correcting Codes.djvu  DJVU 0.6MB
245 Introduction to Fiber Optics.pdf  PDF 3,2MB
246 Introduction To Logic Design – Shiva SG – M.Dekker.1998.2Ed.djvu  DJVU 6.4MB
247 Introduction to RF Equipment and System Design.pdf PDF 3,2MB
248 Introduction To Sound Processing.pdf  PDF 3.5MB
249 Introduction To Telecommunications Network Engineering.pdf  PDF 3.3MB
250 Introduction to Wireless Local Loop.pdf  PDF 1,1MB
251 Introduction.to.RF.Propagation.Wiley.Interscience.Sep.2005.eBook -DDU.pdf  PDF 4,6MB
252 Introduction_to_Airborne_Radar.pdf  PDF 14.7MB
253 Introduction_to_Wave_Propagation_Transmission_Lines_and_Antennas.pdf  PDF 2.5MB
254 IP Network Design Guide.pdf  PDF 3.7MB
255 IP Routing.pdf PDF 6.6MB
256 IP Storage Networking; Straight to the Core.chm  CHM 5.2MB
257 John Wiley – Fundamentals of Digital Television Transmission.pdf  PDF 2.0MB
258 John Wiley & Sons – IP-Based Next Generation Wireless Networks.pdf  PDF 8.2 MB
259 John Wiley & Sons – Mobile and Wireless Design Essentials.chm  CHM 4.3 MB
260 John Wiley And Sons Device Modeling For Analog And RF CMOS Circuit Design.pdf  PDF 4.0 MB
261 John.Wiley.And.Sons.An.Introduction.To.Parametric.Digital.Filters.And.Oscillators.pdf  PDF 3.8MB
262 John.Wiley.and.Sons.Broadband .Powerline.Communications.Network.Design.Aug.2004.eBook-DDU.pdf  PDF 3.4MB
263 John.Wiley.And.Sons.Digital.Logic.Testing.And.Simulation.pdf  PDF 5.4MB
264 John.Wiley.and.Sons.Multi.Carrier.and.Spread.Spectrum.Systems.pdf  PDF 2.1MB
265 John.Wiley.and.Sons.VSAT.Networks.pdf  PDF 4.3MB
266 Karu J. Signals and systems, made ridiculously simple (2001) (L) (T) (ISBN 0964375214) (72s) .djvu  DJVU 1.6MB
267 Kay SM Fundamentals of the statistical signal processing .. estimation theory (PH) (L) (T) (303s). djvu  DJVU 5.5MB
268 Ken Martin Digital Integrated Circuit Design 300dpi.djvu DJVU 11.2MB
269 Kluwer.Academic.Publishers.Design.Of.System.On.A.Chip.Devices.and.Components.eBook-LiB.pdf  PDF 7.3MB
270 Kluwer.Academic.Publishers.Protocols.For.High.Efficiency. Wireless.Networks.eBook-LiB.pdf  PDF 10.6MB
271 LabVIEW.Digital.Signal.Processing.McGraw.Hill.Professional.May.2005.pdf  PDF 8.3MB
272 Liabilities, Liquidity, and Cash Management Balancing Financial Risks – Wiley.pdf  PDF 3,1MB
273 Linear Control System Analysis and Design Fifth Edition.pdf  PDF 6.9MB
274 Linear Optimal Control.PDF  PDF 18.1MB
275 low power asynchronous DSP. pdf  PDF 1.5MB
276 Low-Angle_Radar_Land_Clutter_- _Measurements_and_Empirical_Models.pdf  PDF 7.1MB
277 Lumped Elements for RF and Microwave Circuits.pdf  PDF 9.8MB
278 Machine. Learning.in.Computer.Vision.Springer.Aug.2005.eBook-DDU.pdf  PDF 6.8MB
279 Mann S. Intelligent image processing (Wiley, 2002) (T) (359s) .djvu  DJVU 4.0MB
280 McGraw Hill – Deploying Optical Networking Components.pdf  PDF 2.3MB
281 McGraw Hill – Financial Analysis Tools and Techniques for Managers Ebook-FLY.pdf  PDF 3.5MB
282 McGraw Hill-Principles and applications of Electrical Engineering.pdf PDF 9.4MB
283 McGraw-Hill – Broadband Crash Course – 2002.pdf  PDF 2.6MB
284 McGraw-Hill – Wireless A to Z.pdf  PDF 2.2MB
285 McGraw-Hill.Teach Yourself Electricity and ElectronicsEbook-FLY.pdf  PDF 7,4MB
286 Meisel WS Computer-oriented Approach to Pattern Recognition (AP, 1972) (T) (266s) .djvu  DJVU 5,1MB
287 Microstrip Filters For RF Microwave Applications.pdf  PDF 9.4MB
288 Microwave Circuit Modeling Using Electromagnetic Field Simulation.pdf  PDF 12.2MB
289 Microwave Component Mechanics.pdf  PDF 3.6MB
290 Microwave Electronics Measurement and Materials Characterization.pdf  PDF 8,1MB
291 Microwave Resonators and Filters For Wireless Communication.pdf  PDF 2.5MB
292 Microwave_engineering_using_microstrip_circuits_.pdf  PDF 12.0MB
293 Microwaves.and.Wireless.Simplified.Artech.House.2nd.Edition.Apr.2005.pdf  PDF 3.0MB
294 Millimeter-wave.Integrated.Circuits.Springer. eBook-YYePG.pdf  PDF 11,4MB
295 Mixed Signal And DSP Design Techniques.pdf  PDF 3, 5MB
296 Mobile Ad Hoc Networking – John Wiley & Sons – IEEE Press.pdf PDF 6.9MB
297 Mobile Communications Engineering – Theory and Applications, Second Edition.pdf PDF 5.1MB
298 Mobile Location Services.The Definitive Guide – Prentice Hall.chm  CHM 6.5MB
299 Mobile.Telecommunications.Protocols.For.Data.Networks.Wiley – eBOOK.pdf  PDF 2.9MB
300 Mobile_Communications.pdf  PDF 7.5MB
301 Modern Communication Circuits.pdf  PDF 13.6MB
302 Modern Control Engeneering, 3rd ed]. [Ogata] [Prentice Hall] .djvu  DJVU 5,6MB
303 Modern Signal Processing.pdf  PDF 7.2MB
304 Modern.Antenna.Design.Jun.2005.eBook- DDU.pdf  PDF 10.2MB
305 Modern.Receiver.Front.Ends.Systems .Circuits.and.Integration.Wiley.Feb.2004.eBook-DDU.pdf  PDF 3.7MB
306 Morgan.Kaufmann Digital.Video.And.Hdtv.Algorithms.And.Interfaces.2003.pdf PDF 4.9MB
307 MPEG.7.Audio.and .Beyond.Audio.Content.Indexing.and.Retrieval.John.Wiley.and.Sons.Jan.2006.pdf PDF 4.8MB
308 Multicarrier Techniques for 4G Mobile Communications.pdf  PDF 7.8MB
309 Multi-Standard CMOS Wireless Receivers, Analysis & Design.pdf  PDF 7.3MB
310 Multivariable.Control.Systems.An.Engineering.Approach.Springer.eBook-TLFeBOOK.pdf PDF 7.4MB
311 Nano CMOS Circuit and Physical Design.pdf  PDF 5.9MB
312 Network Calculus A Theory of Deterministic Queuing Systems for the Internet.pdf  PDF 2,7MB
313 Networks and Devices Using Planar Transmissions Lines.pdf  PDF 12.0 MB
314 Neural Systems For Control.pdf  PDF 2.5MB
315 New technologies for WLAN.pdf  PDF 1,9MB
316 Newnes Data Communications Pocket Book.pdf  PDF 1,1MB
317 Newnes Guide to Television & Video Technology.pdf  PDF 9.5MB
318 Newnes Industrial Control Wiring Guide.pdf  PDF 1.3MB
319 Newnes Radio and RF Engineering Pocket Book.pdf  PDF 2,2MB
320 Next.Generation.Mobile.Systems.3G.and.Beyond.John.Wiley.and.Sons.May.2005.eBook-DDU .pdf  PDF 6.0MB
321 Nixon, Aguado. Feature Extraction and Image Processing (2002) (360s) .pdf  PDF 4.0MB
322 Noise In Receiving Systems.pdf  PDF 14,8MB
323 Nonlinear Microwave Circuit Design.pdf  PDF 6.3MB
324 Nonlinear.Microwave.And.RF.Circuits.2nd. Edition.pdf  PDF 4,4MB
325 Observers in Control Systems.pdf  PDF 5.7MB
326 ON_Analog_Integrated_Circuits.pdf  PDF 34.1MB
327 Op Amps Design Application and Troubleshooting.pdf  PDF 27.5MB
328 Op Amps for Everyone Design Reference.pdf  PDF 1.6MB
329 Operational Amplifiers Design and Applications.pdf  PDF 16.7MB
330 operational_amplifiers-2nd_edition.pdf  PDF 6.4MB
331 Optical Communications Essentials. pdf  PDF 2.3MB
332 Optical Communications Rules of Thumb.pdf  PDF 1,8MB
333 Optical signal processing Vanderlugt A. (Wiley, 1991) (some chapters only) (600dpi) (L) (T) (180s) _PEo_.djvu  DJVU 7.0MB
334 Optical System Design.pdf  PDF 7.8MB
335 Optical Through-the-Air Communications Handbook.PDF  PDF 2.2MB
336 Optical.Switching.And.Networking.Handbook.Mcgraw-Hill.pdf  PDF 6.5MB
337 Optimal Control Linear Quadratic Methods.PDF  PDF 18.3MB
338 Optimal Filtering.PDF  PDF 16.5MB
339 Optimal Sampled Data Control Systems.pdf  PDF 2.1MB
340 Optimizing Wireless-RF Circuits.pdf  PDF 2.5MB
341 OReilly Digital Video Hacks May.2005.eBook-DDU.chm  CHM 3.1MB
342 OReilly.RFID.Essentials.Jan.2006.chm  CHM 1.6MB
343 O’Reilly-802.11 Wireless Networks- The Definitive Guide.pdf  PDF 4.1MB
344 Packet Broadband Network Handbook.pdf  PDF 3.4MB
345 Pattern Classification And Learning Theory (Lugosi) .pdf  PDF 0.4MB
346 Pattern Recognition in Speech and Language Processing.pdf  PDF 5.3MB
347 Performance Modeling and Analysis of Bluetooth Networks Polling, Scheduling, and Traffic Control.pdf  PDF 3.0MB
348 Phase Locked Loops_for_Wireless_Communications.pdf  PDF 8,6MB
349 Phased Array Antennas Hansen RC (Wiley, 1998) (ISBN 047153076X) (200dpi) (T) ( 504s) _EE_.djvu  DJVU 4.7MB
350 Phased. Array.Antenna.Handbook.Artech.House.Publishers.Second.Edition.eBook-kB.pdf  PDF 7.8MB
351 Photodetection and Measurement – Maximizing Performance in Optical Systems.pdf  PDF 1,9MB
352 Practical Analog And Digital Filter Design.pdf  PDF 3,8MB
353 Practical Approach to Signals Systems and Control.pdf  PDF 1.0MB
354 Practical Electronics for Inventors.pdf  PDF 14.5MB
355 Practical Optical System Layout- And Use of Stock Lenses.pdf  PDF 0, 9MB
356 Practical Rf Pcb Design (Geoff Smithson) (Scanned) .pdf  PDF 0.7MB
357 Practical Rf System Design – Egan.pdf  PDF 2.8MB
358 Practical.FPGA.Programming.in.C .Prentice.Hall.PTR.Apr.2005.chm  CHM 18.2MB
359 Practical_Applications_of_Computational_Intelligence_for_Adaptive_Control.rar RAR 5,2MB
360 practical_aspects_of_feedback_control. pdf  PDF 0.8MB
361 Pragmatic_Introduction_to_Electronic_Engineering_v1_0.pdf PDF 0.6MB
362 Pricing Communication Networks. John.Wiley.and.Sons.pdf  PDF 3,3MB
363 Pricinples of communication system – Prentice Hall.pdf  PDF 8.1MB
364 Principles of Asynchronous Circuit Design – A Systems Perspective.pdf  PDF 2.6MB
365 Principles Of Corporate Finance.pdf  PDF 3.5MB
366 Principles of Digital Transmission With Wireless Applications.pdf  PDF 8.2MB
367 Principles of Sigma Delta Conversion for Analog to Digital Converters.pdf  PDF 0.3MB
368 Principles.of.Spread.Spectrum.Communication.Systems .eBook-TLFeBOOK.pdf  PDF 16.1MB
369 Propagation_Handbook_for_Wireless_Communication_System_Design.pdf  PDF 8.9MB
370 QoS in Integrated 3G Networks (2002) .pdf  PDF 2.8MB
371 Quantitative.Finance.for.Physicists.An.Introduction.Academic.Press.eBook-YYePG.pdf  PDF 2.0MB
372 Queueing.Theory.With.Applications.to.Packet.Telecommunication.Springer.eBook-YYePG.pdf  PDF 7.3MB
373 Radar Principles.pdf  PDF 1.0MB
374 Radar Systems, Peak Detection and Tracking.pdf  PDF 2.4MB
375 Radar Technology Encyclopedia – 1998.pdf  PDF 9.7MB
376 Radio & Electronics Cookbook.pdf  PDF 5,2MB
377 Radio Engineering for Wireless Communication and Sensor Applications.pdf  PDF 5.5MB
378 Radio Frequency and Microwave Communication Circuits.pdf  PDF 6.4MB
379 Radio Frequency Circuit Design.pdf  PDF 2.8MB
380 Radio Frequency Transistors .pdf  PDF 7,6MB
381 Radio Shack – Getting started in electronics.pdf PDF 13.1MB
382 Radio Shack Engineer’s Mini-Notebook (T) (52s) .djvu  DJVU 3,3MB
383 Radiometric Tracking Techniques for Deep Space Navigation.pdf  PDF 2.9MB
384 Radiosity and realistic image synthesis Cohen MF, Wallace JR (AP, 1995) (412s) .pdf  PDF 6.1MB
385 RDS..The Radio Data System.pdf  PDF 1,7MB
386 Real Analog Solutions for Digital Designers.pdf  PDF 10.1MB
387 Real.802.11.Security.Wi-Fi.Protected.Access.And.802.11i.Addison.Wesley.eBook-LiB.chm  CHM 1, 9MB
388 Real.World.Digital.Audio.Peachpit.Press.Nov.2005.chm  CHM 16.8MB
389 Real-Time Video Compression – Techniques And Algorithms.pdf  PDF 2.8MB
390 RF & Microwave Radiation Safety Handbook.pdf PDF 5.1MB
391 RF and Microwave Wireless Systems.pdf  PDF 6.4MB
392 Rf Cmos Power Amplifier – (Ebook) Kluwer Inter (Hella & Ismall) .pdf  PDF 4.7MB
393 RF Components and Circuits.pdf PDF 2.6MB
394 RF MEMS Circuit Design for Wireless Communications.pdf  PDF 1.7MB
395 RF Technologies for Low Power Wireless Communications.pdf  PDF 7.8MB
396 RFID Read My Chips! .pdf  PDF 2.4MB
397 RFID Sourcebook.Prentice.Hall.PTR.chm  CHM 7.6MB
398 RFID.Field.Guide . Deploying.Radio.Frequency.Identification.Systems.Feb.2005.eBook-LiB.chm CHM 5,8MB
399 RFID.For.Dummies.Mar.2005.eBook-LinG.pdf  PDF 9.5MB
400 RF-Microwave Circuit Design for Wireless Applications.pdf PDF 19.5MB
401 Risk.Management.And.Capital.Adequacy.McGraw.Hill.eBook-LiB.pdf  PDF 3.8MB
402 Satellite Handbook.pdf  PDF 3,4MB
403 Satellite.Communication.Engineering.eBook-EEn.pdf PDF 1.8MB
404 Satellite.Networking.Principles.and.Protocols.John.Wiley.and.Sons.Oct.2005.eBook-DDU.pdf  PDF 6.4MB
405 Schaums.Outline.Of.Theory.And.Problems .Of.Electric.Circuits.eBook.pdf  PDF 6.5MB
406 Secrets of RF Circuit Design, Third Edition.pdf  PDF 5.7MB
407 Securing and managing WLAN.pdf  PDF 1.2MB
408 Shannon-TheoryComm.pdf  PDF 0.4MB
409 Short Range Wireless Communication Fundamentals of RF System Design and Application.pdf  PDF 3.0MB
410 Signal Analysis (Alfred Mertins) .pdf  PDF 12.6MB
411 Signal Analysis Time.Frequency.Scale.and.Structure (RL Allen, DW Mills) .pdf  PDF 9.0MB
412 Signal analysis wavelets, filter banks, time-frequency transforms and applications-Mertins A. Wiley, 1999.djvu DJVU 3,4MB
413 Signal Detection and Estimation.pdf  PDF 9.6MB
414 Signal Processing for Mobile Communications Handbook – CRC Press – 2005.pdf  PDF 8.8MB
415 Signals and Systems with MATLAB Applications – Orchard Publications.pdf  PDF 10.6MB
416 Signals And Systems.pdf  PDF 2.9MB
417 SIP Demystified.pdf  PDF 4.7MB
418 Sliding Mode Control in Engineering.pdf  PDF 14.8MB
419 Smart.Antennas.CRC.Press.Jan.2004.eBook-DDU.pdf  PDF 3,4MB
420 Some Design Aspects on RF CMOS LNAs and Mixers.pdf  PDF 2,1MB
421 Sonet or SDH Demystified.pdf PDF 3,3MB
422 Space-Time Processing for Wireless Communications.pdf  PDF 1.6MB
423 Space-Time.Coding.John.Wiley.And.Sons.eBook.pdf  PDF 5, 3MB
424 Specification of the Bluetooth System.pdf  PDF 4.5MB
425 Spectrum Wars.pdf  PDF 0,9MB
426 Speech Recognition using Neural Networks.pdf  PDF 0,9MB
427 Speech Separation Humans and Machines Springer.eBook-YYePG.pdf  PDF 12, 3MB
428 Speech. Coding.Algorithms.Foundation.and.Evolution.of.Standardized.Coders.Wiley.eBook-KB.pdf  PDF 8.8MB
430 Stability Analysis of Nonlinear Microwave Circuits.pdf PDF 8,1MB
431 Standard Handbook of Audio and Radio Engineering.pdf  PDF 8.7MB
432 Standard Handbook of Video and Television Engineering, 4th ed.pdf PDF 14.5MB
433 Standard.Codecs.Image. Compression.to.Advanced.Video.Coding.IEEE.chm CHM 12.5MB
434 Starting Electronics – Elsevier – 3rd Edition – 2005.pdf  PDF 6.3MB
435 Statistical and Adaptive Signal Processing.pdf  PDF 9.6MB
436 structure and interpretation of signals and systems.djvu  DJVU 1.8MB
437 Supervised and Unsupervised Pattern Recognition.pdf  PDF 17.3MB
438 Synthesis and optimization of DSP algorithms Constantinides, Cheung, Luk. (Kluwer, 2004) (177s) .pdf  PDF 1.5MB
439 TAB. Electronics.Guide.to.Understanding.Electricity.and.Electronics.eBook-EEn.pdf  PDF 35.3MB
440 Telecom Crash Course.pdf  PDF 5,4MB
441 Telecom Dictionary.chm  CHM 8.2MB
442 Telecommunication Circuit Design – Second Edition.pdf  PDF 6.8MB
443 Telecommunications Essentials (CHM) .chm  CHM 5.9MB
444 Telecommunications. Regulation.chm  CHM 2.3MB
445 Teletraffic Engineering Handbook.pdf  PDF 2,7MB
446 The Art and Science of Analog Circuit Design.pdf  PDF 27.2MB
447 The Complete Wireless Communications Professional. A Guide for Engineers and Managers.pdf  PDF 1.1MB
448 The Easy Way to Data and Voice Networking.pdf  PDF 0,9MB
449 The Engineer’s Guide to Decoding & Encoding.pdf  PDF 0.2MB
450 The Engineer’s Guide to Standards Conversion.pdf PDF 0.3MB
451 The Handbook of Optical Communication Networks.pdf  PDF 8,8MB
452 The Illustrated dictionary of electronics.pdf  PDF 5,9MB
453 The Mobile Communications Handbook.pdf PDF 7.3 MB
454 The Mobile Radio Propagation Channel – Second Edition – Wiley.pdf  PDF 4.1MB
455 The Personal Finance Calculator [McGrawHill] .pdf  PDF 1 , 5MB
456 The Satellite Communication Applications Handbook.pdf  PDF 6.7MB
457 The Telecommunications Handbook .pdf  PDF 8.9MB
458 The Wireless Data Handbook – Fourth Edition.pdf  PDF 5,6MB
459 The.Great.Telecom.Meltdown.Artech.House.Jan.2005.eBook-LiB.pdf  PDF 1,3MB
460 Troubleshooting Analog Circuits.pdf  PDF 16.3MB
461 Ultra Wideband Radio Technology.pdf PDF 2.6MB
462 Ultrasound Imaging Using Coded Signals.pdf  PDF 12.2MB
463 Understanding Cellular Radio.pdf  PDF 0,7MB
464 Understanding Data Communications.pdf  PDF 10.0MB
465 Understanding Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting_MAZ – Artech House.pdf  PDF 1.3MB
466 Understanding Microwaves (Scott) .pdf  PDF 15.4MB
467 Understanding Optical Communications.pdf  PDF 5.4MB
468 Understanding Telephone Electronics.pdf  PDF 12.9MB
469 US Navy – Digital Data Systems.pdf  PDF 16.5MB
470 Video Demanding A Handbook For The Digital Engineer.pdf  PDF 17.2MB
471 Video Processing and Communications.pdf  PDF 18.0MB
472 Voice Over 802.11.pdf  PDF 1.9MB
473 Waveguide Handbook.pdf  PDF 20.2MB
474 Wavelets For Kids A.ps  PS 1.0 MB
475 Wavelets For Kids B.ps  PS 0.2MB
476 Wavelets, with applications in signal and image processing Bultheel A. (2002) (T) (181s) .djvu  DJVU 1 , 3MB
477 WCDMA Mobile Communications System.pdf  PDF 4, 1MB
478 W-CDMA_and_cdma2000_for_3G_Mobile_Networks.pdf  PDF 1.8MB
479 Wideband.TDD.WCDMA.for.the.Unpaired.Spectrum.John.Wiley.Sons.May.2005.eBook-LinG.pdf  PDF 4,6MB
480 Wiley – Data Networks, IP and the Internet – Protocols, Design and Operation.pdf  PDF 10.5MB
481 Wiley – Digital Image Processing WK ​​Pratt – Third Edition (2001) .pdf  PDF 18.3MB
482 Wiley – Essentials of Financial Analysis.pdf  PDF 1.9MB
483 Wireless Communication Systems – Prentice Hall PTR .chm  CHM 12.6MB
484 Wireless Communication Technologies.pdf PDF 6.1MB
485 Wireless Communication Technology.pdf  PDF 12.1MB
486 Wireless Communications.pdf  PDF 2.6MB
487 Wireless Mobile Networking with ANSI-41, Second Edition.pdf  PDF 2,1MB
488 Wireless Security and Privacy – Best Practices and Design Techniques.chm CHM 1.4MB
489 Wireless Technology Protocols Standards and Techniques.pdf  PDF 5,6MB
490 Wireless. Foresight.Scenarios.of.the.Mobile.World.in.2015.John.Wiley.and.Sons.eBook-LiB.chm  CHM 2.8MB
491 Wireless.Data.Demystified.McGraw.Hill.eBook-LiB.pdf  PDF 5.4MB
492 Wireless.Data.Technologies.Reference.Handbook.John. Wiley.and.Sons.pdf PDF 2.2MB
493 Wireless.Internet.Telecommunications.Artech.House.Publishers.eBook-YYePG.pdf  PDF 6.6MB
494 Wireless.Networks.First-Step. (2005). chm CHM 1.2MB
495 Wireless.Optical.Communication.Systems.Springer.Verlag.Telos.Sep.2004. ISBN0387227849.pdf  PDF 7.3MB
496 Young, Gerbrands, van Vliet. Fundamentals of image processing (Delft U., 1998) (T) (113s) .djvu  DJVU 1.4MB

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