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Textile Machines – Sanforizing Machine

Sanforizing Machine

“Sanforizing Machine” is the Machine used for the sanforizing process. Sanforizing Machine means a machine consisting of a large steam-heated cylinder, an infinite, thick, woolen felt blanket which is in close contact with the cylinder for most of its circumference and an electrically heated shoe pressing the fabric against the blanket while the latter is in stretched condition as it curves ...

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Textile Machines – Thermal Oil Heater

thermal oil heater

Thermal Oil Heater: Thermal fluid heating is a form of indirect heating in which a liquid phase heat transfer medium is heated and distributed inside a closed-loop device to one or more heat energy users. Popular heat transfer mediums are thermal oil, glycol, and water. Two types of standard thermal fluid heating system packages are available in the Sigma Thermal ...

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7.5KW CUTES Drive Repairing

 CUTES Drive Repairing: The industrial electronics repair industry is one that should be taken with extreme caution. For those who do not have the required training or experience to work with electrical equipment, it is strongly recommended you consult an expert in the field when repairing equipment such as AC Motor Speed Controllers.

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