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Quran Publishing System QPS 3.20 Full Download

 Quran Publishing System (QPS) 3.2 Full Download

QCRP has converted its unique Framework Quran Publishing System (QPS) into a computer program able to publish standard Quranic scripts with 100% error-free results. By the Grace Almighty of Allah, they succeeded in developing this new program. For the software,

No Need for Composing and proofreading of the Holy Quran.

Holy Quran has already been written and re-read several times by professional proofreaders, which is why we claim that the Quranic text contains no mistake. The software also includes Qur’an files written on it. QPS has two Qur’anic fonts which can be used to write Qur’anic Ayats or Qur’an whole.

QPS has the same eligible interface scheme in InPage Urdu, with additional facilities. This is why Qur’an can be written using different style settings. Multiple lines, number of columns, page size, type of text, and font size can be changed. For the Tarjuma (translation) and Tafseer (commentary) composition, Qur’anic fonts can be mixed with any font of any language.

 Quran Publishing System (QPS) 3.2 Full Download

What’s New in Quran Publishing System (QPS) 3.2

  • — Support of Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7
  • —Unicode Backup
  • —Copy / paste from / to MS Word or any other script or website supporting Unicode
  • —- Support all Unicode Open Style Fonts for Different Languages such as Urdu, ——-Arabic, Saraiki, Pashto, and Sindhi.
  • — The esthetically pleasing Noori Nastaliq fountain with Kashish of Urdu Monotype ®
  • —New Lahori Nastaliq Font and Kashish Faiz.
  • —Naskh Character Installation in color
  • —Save as PDF option (Adobe Illustrator, Freehand, and Coreldraw compatible)
  • —Compatibility with Adobe Illustrator, Adobe PhotoShop and CorelDRAW 12.
  • —Unicode Open Style Fonts support for Different Languages such as Urdu, Arabic Sindhi and More ….

Special Features

  • —100% error-free ligature-based true data form given.
  • —Two different available typefaces
  • — Modern Persian Prose
  • —Regional Script for Indo Pak
  • — Nastaliq Noori for Urdu
  • —Several fonts based on characters for other languages (Chinese, Japanese, etc.);
  • — Support for right to left languages such as Arabic, Persian, Pushto, Sindhi, Kashmiri, Saraiki, Balochi and Burohi
  • — Help to the right languages for all the Left, including English
  • —Copy/paste option from the original script in the running reference file.
  • —Auto Kerning, and Auto Kashida for Quranic text in particular.
  • — The JPG, PRN and Adobe PDF-format export facility. (Accord to COREL Draw 12)

Text Features

  • — Export / Import text with Unicode.
  • — Automatic Kerning in Nastaliq text to eliminate extra interword space and give the text a calligrapher-style perspective.
  • — Automatic inclusion of Arabic fonts in Kashida
  • — Spell The Urdu language test
  • — Spell English Test-UK & US
  • — Word Count / Character The selected text chain counts
    Indexing of English and Urdu text and table of contents
  • — Ring around Circular Items with text
  • — Special paste
  • — Text rotation, at any angle
  • — Sorting of English and Urdu Texts
  • — Drag & Drop Text

Object Features

  • — Connect / Unlink Textboxes
  • — Auto routes between columns of textboxes
  • — Textbox Round
  • — Frontier styles
  • — Special paste
  • — Object rotation, at any angle
  • — Device of polygons
  • — Picture boxes and object rotation
  • — Clustering and Unbundling of Objects
  • — Full OLE Customer Service
  • — Full InPage support as OLE server

Picture Features

  • —Image gloss and contrast control
  • — Picture Mirror
  • —Photo-Centering
  • —Photographs A preview before release

Printing Features

  • CMYK Color Separation via page export as CMYK EPS script.

Language Features

  • Supports Kashmiri, Pushtu, and Hazargi Languages.


  • — Specified Keyboards for multiple users
  • —CMYK Color Support
  • —Auto Transfer text files
  • —To create more than one backup file
  • —Far more patterns on the border / line
  • —Full support for the incorporation of objects OLE (Object Linking and Embedding).
  • — Plenty of fonts.

Full Version

  • Supports 32bit & 64bit
  • Supports Windows Xp, Windows 7 & Windows 8
Download Link for Fonts :
containing 386 fonts most wanted Fonts (129mb)
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