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SAMInside Full Registered Version Download

SAMInside latest version

SAMInside : Forgetting things is part of day-to-day life. That is why we rely on software to remind us about the important things, like meetings, birthdays, or appointments. Software is also there for you should you happen to forget your Windows logon password. The software tool I am talking about is the InsidePro-developed SAMInside – it will recover logon passwords for any Windows edition, from Windows 2000 up to Windows 7.
SAMInside does not have to be installed. To get started with the application, you need only download a 3.8Mb archive, extract its contents, and run the SAMInside.exe file. The fact that it does not have to be installed means that SAMInside is portable. Feel free to put it on a portable storage device and take it with you.
As mentioned above, SAMInside works with any Windows edition, from Windows 2000 up to Windows 7.

The application features a simple interface that features a Toolbar, Status bar, and Statistics bar. On the toolbar you will find buttons for importing SAM and system Registry files, for accessing the Options menu, and more. The Status bar presents a list of users, uncovered passwords, and uncovered hashes. The Statistics bar presents info on the actions performed with the application.
SAMInside latest version
SAMInside has more than 10 data import features to offer: Import SAM and SYSTEM Registry Files, Import SAM Registry and SYSKEY File, Import from PWDUMP File, Import from .LC File, Import from *.LCP File, Import from *.LCS File, Import from *.HDT File, Import from *.LST File, Import LM-Hashes from *.TXT File, Import NT-Hashes from *.TXT File, Import Local Users via LSASS or via Scheduler.
The application also has several export features to offer: Export Users to PWDUMP File, Export Found Passwords, Export Statistics, and more.

For password recovery, SAMInside has 6 types of attacks to offer: brute force, distributed, mask, dictionary, hybrid, and pre-calculated tables attack.

Please note that SAMInside is only free to try. The demo version comes with the following restrictions: the mask attack is not available, pre-calculated tables attack has just one table, only Latin capitals can be used for brute-force attacks.

Don’t sweat it, should you happen to forget your logon password. The SAMInside application is a specialized tool that will help you recover your forgotten logon password.Pros
SAMInside works with any Windows edition from Windows 2000 onward. 6 attack types are supported, there are more than 10 import features, and several export features. The application can run in Hidden Mode. You can manage the application with command line parameters. The application does not have to be installed.

Limited functionality in the demo version. But You can download SAMInside Full version.



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