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CUTES CT-2000E2 AC Inverter


CUTES CT-2000E2 High Functional Miniaturized Inverter

Characteristic CUTES CT-2000E2 AC Inverter:

  • Built-in PI control
  • Restart/Free run start
  • PWN frequency 1.5~10KHz
  • Output frequency 0.5~240.0Hz
  • 10 patterns and any V/F pattern
  • 8-step speed setting
  • 2-step acceleration/deceleration
  • Parameter input by key number 0~9
  • External analog setting 0~10V and 4~20mA
  • Automatic torque compensation and slip compensation
  • Frequency increase/decreaseUP / DOWNfunction and 16-step
  • Function control setting
  • Built-in standard RS422/485 communication port, MODBUS RTU
  • protocol 8-step speed setting

Download Manual

CUTES CT-2000E2 High Functional Miniaturized AC Inverter Manual


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