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Communication Cable PC-TTY for SIEMENS SIMATIC STEP 5


1. Introduction
The passive RS232-TTY converter (SWA-FG) makes the communication possible for your PC with equipment, this
one 20 disposes of Pa interface of one, e.g. SIEMENS SIMATIC S5 SPS controls.

The serial transducer is used in a complete system. For this reason, the norms applying to respective use case are
from technician, user, and fitter to observe safety and accident prevention regulations absolutely. The operator is
responsible for the compliance with these regulations.
2. Function
The converter realizes the V24 signals of the RS232 interface of your PC in line current signals (TTY). For the
electronics in the converter, a tension of 5 becomes V DC needs. Put this tension at the 15-pole programming
interface at the pin 14 (+5 V for SIMATIC S5 CPUs) and at the pin 15 of (GND).
Furthermore is a 20 ever needs mA signal for the reading and writing direction. These current sources lie to the pin
11 and 13 and flow against mass (GND). Two optical coupling devices which two signal directions galvanically
separate from the PC are internally built-in at our transducer. This offers optimal protection for your hardware.
3. Putting into operation
– Put the RS232-TTY converter on to the SIMATIC S5 CPU with the 15-pole plug. This is switched on the two
LEDs shine in the case and signal current conduction.
– Put the 9-pole socket into a free RS232 interface at your PC now or use a suitable USB-RS232 adapter.
– The LEDs flash and signal a data connection with that as soon as you build up a connection with your
programming software.

4. Schematic Diagram


5. Face plan

6. Technical data
– supply voltage from SIMATIC-CPU 5V / 30mA
– Case measurements 72 x 50 x 21 mm

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