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Omron CX-One 4.0 Full Download


Omron CX-One 4.0 is a very handy a suite which will allow you to build, configure as well as a program lots of devices like PLCs, HMIs, networks and motion-control systems. This will reduce the hassle of the software maintenance and management at the End-User as well as OEM level.

Omron CX-One 4

Once the Omron CX-One 4.0 is installed, the user can create, configure and program many different devices such as PLCs, programmable terminals, frequency converters and servo drives, intelligent control devices such as thermo-controllers, measuring sensors, multi-axis motion control systems, and of course industrial networks . CX-One greatly simplifies the work of the engineer and minimizes the need for training programming or configuring automation systems.

Omron CX-One 4.0 suite has got includes

  • CX-Programmer Ver.9.0\
  • X-Integrator Ver.2.4
  • Switch Box Utility Ver.1.6
  • CX-Protocol Ver.1.9
  • CX-Simulator Ver.1.9
  • CX-Position Ver.2.5
  • CX-Motion-NCF Ver.1.9
  • CX-Motion-MCH Ver .2.2
  • CX-Motion Ver.2.3
  • CX-Drive Ver.1.9
  • CX-Process Tool Ver.5.2
  • Faceplate Auto-Builder for NS Ver.3.1
  • CX-Designer Ver.3.0
  • NV-Designer Ver.1.1
  • CX-Configurator FDT Ver.1.2
  • CX -Thermo Ver.4.2
  • CX-FLnet Ver.1.0
  • Network Configrator Ver.3.1
  • CX-Server Ver.4.3

It includes free online updates to the software functionality as well as hardware support. You can schedule your systems in order to automatically check for the latest updates according to your schedule. Omron CX-One 4.0 provides a smarter and quicker way to input the programs with less key strokes thus resulting in quicker programming. It provides some intuitive windows, symbol browsing and the tool tip help will let you make less mistakes and the typos. It has got EtherNet/IP setup wizard which will make it quick as well as easy to setup network symbols for the controller-to-controller data link by importing from CX-Programmer. All in all Omron CX-One 4.0 is a very handy suite which will let you build, configure and program various devices like PLCs, HMIs, motion-control systems and networks.

Omron CX-One 4

The main differences between OMRON CX-ONE v4.0 and the previous version:
– support for the new operating system Microsoft Windows 7
– a number of improvements in the CX-Programmer program for quicker and easier programming of the PLC:
– “Smart Input” function
– structures for the language of ladder-contact circuits and function blocks (for Internal and In-Out variables) when programming PLCs CJ2 series
– two new data types: TIMER and COUNTER for simpler use of timers and counters in a ladder program

code: 1600-0201-1248-5301

Omron CX-One 4

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