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Driver HMI Samkoon SK AK AK Series

USB Driver for HMI Samkoon SK Series series

Download driver for touchscreen  HMI Samkoon AS, SK, AK lines including Win XP, Win 7 32 bit and 64 bit. For Win10, the company has not updated but you can install the driver for Win7 equivalent.

USB Driver for HMI Samkoon SK Series series

(SK-040AE, SK-043AE, SK-043AS, SK-070BE, SK-070AE, SK070AS, SK-070BS, SK-102AE, SK-102AS …)


SK USB Driver Win7 32 bit.rar

SK USB Driver Win7 64 bit.rar

SK USB Driver WinXP.rar

USB Driver for HMI Samkoon AK Series series:

(AK-040AE, SK-043AE, SK-043BE, AK-070BE, AK-070AE, AK070AS, AK-070BS, AK-102AE, AK-102AS, AK-121AE, AK-121AS …)

Download:   AK USB Driver.rar

USB Driver for Samkoon SA Series HMI series: 

(SA-3.5A, SA-4.3A, SA5A, SA-5.7A, SA-5.7C, SA-7A, SA-7B, SA-8B, SA-102A, SA-104A, SA-121A)

Download:   SA USB Driver.rar

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