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SAMKOON HMI AK Series Software Download



SAMKOON HMI AK Series Software Download

The following are links to download SAMKOON HMI AK Series Software AKWorkshop and other add-ons.

Software Name AKWorkshop
Version V2.1.3.503        Download
Software Size 367M
User’s Manual AKWorkshop manual        (Not Available)
  • AKWorkshop Driver        (Not Available)
  • (For all computer systems)
Driver Installation Method
  • Driver Installation Method        Download (Not Available)
  • Driver Installation Video        Download
  • Detailed Installation Steps        Open
  • Please install the driver under the device manager according to the installation method or the video
Applicable Models
  • AK-035A-T
  • AK-043AC  /  AK-043AE  /  AK-043AW
  • AK-043BD  /  AK-043BE  /  AK-043BS  /  AK-043BW
  • AK-050AD  /  AK-050AE  / AK-050AS  /  AK-050AW
  • AK-050BD  /  AK-050BE  /  AK-050BS  /  AK-050BW
  • AK-070AD  /  AK-070AE  /  AK-070AS  /  AK-070AW  /  AK-070AWG
  • AK-070BD  /  AK-070BE  /  AK-070BS  /  AK-070BW  /  AK-070BWG  /  AK-070BXC
  • AK-102AD /   AK-102AE  /  AK-102AS  /  AK-102AW  /  AK-102AWG
  • AK-121AD  /  AK-121AE  /  AK-121AS  /  AK-121AW  / AK-121AWG
Case Program
Client APP
  • Please scan the following two-dimensional code to download
  • APP for IOS:search “HMI Client” in “APP store” to download
  • Only downwards compatibility
  • (High version software can open the lower version programs, low version software can’t open the higher version programs)
  • ★ Warm hint:please verify the software version before programming.

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