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SIMATIC TIA Portal v14 STEP 7 Professional Full Download

Tia Portal 14 Full Download

SIMATIC STEP 7 Professional V14 is the SIMATIC S7-1200, S7-1500, S7-300, S7-400 Controllers, WinAC, and Software Controllers engineered system.

STEP 7 V14 is based on the central engineering framework of the Totally Integrated Automation Portal (TIA Portal), which provides users with a standardized, secure, and intuitive solution for all automation tasks.


  • — Effective programming editors for efficient engineering
  • — Scalability across all series of controllers
  • — Optimal connectivity between controller, HMI and drive in a working environment
  • — Shared data management and standard symbols
  • — Device diagnostics as an integral component
  • — Trace variables for efficient commissioning
  • — Scalable and versatile features of motion control
  • — Extensive collection.


SIMATIC Phase 7 Professional V14 is an integrated, easy-to-use engineering system for the latest SIMATIC S7-1200, S7-1500, S7-300 and S7-400 Controllers, WinAC, software controllers, and ET 200 CPU. PLCSIM for S7-1200/1500 CPU simulation and WinCC Standard for Standard Panel configuration are included in the distribution set.

Therefore STEP 7 V14 provides support at all phases of the automation project:

  • —Hardware design and parameterization
  • — Interface specification
  • —Programming in IEC programming editors
  • — Simulation setup
  • —Testing, commissioning, and operation


Excellent integration of the SIMATIC S7-1500 controller

The SIMATIC S7-1500 controller from the SIMATIC S7 controller family sets new standards for optimum efficiency with its multifaceted technologies. For optimum engineering efficiency, the SIMATIC S7-1500 is fully incorporated in the SIMATIC Stage 7 Professional V14. The SIMATIC S7-1500 is the latest performance benchmark with its specific device efficiency and PROFINET as the standard interface.

Powerful programming editors for efficient engineering

STEP 7 Professional V14 offers powerful programming editors with streamlined programming compilers for the S7 controllers.

For all controllers:

  • Ladder diagram (LAD)
  • Function block diagram (FBD)
  • Structured text (SCL)

For SIMATIC S7-1500, S7-300, S7-400, WinAC and Software Controllers, in addition:

  • Statement list (STL)
  • GRAPH for sequencers

Tags trace for effective commissioning

The Trace Editor includes the ability to record sequentially organized signals from an S7-1500 CPU user system. For example, the graphical examination of the signals simplifies drive commissioning and helps to look for intermittent errors in the application or user program.

Scalable and flexible motion functionality

Applications for motion control with SIMATIC STEP 7 Professional V14 and S7-1500 are child’s play, also for beginners. The intuitive graphical user interfaces of STEP 7 Professional V14 development artifacts provide optimum support for the configuration and commissioning of analog and PROFIdrive-capable drives, as well as troubleshooting. The step sequence control instructions are structured according to PLCopen Motion Control. Help is provided for the following functions in STEP 7 Professional V14:

  • Positioning (absolute and relative)
  • Speed specification (e.g. jogging)
  • Cam and cam track
  • Gear synchronization
  • Cams (S7-1500T only)
  • Homing (active, on-the-fly, etc.)
  • Support for incremental and absolute encoders

Comprehensive library concept

The system has a comprehensive library definition for the reuse of commonly used software parts and basic standardization. Elements such as labels, tags, alarms, HMI graphics, graphic objects, single modules, or entire stations may be stored in local or global libraries along with their parameter assignment. Which means they’re available for additional programming tasks.

Security Integrated

STEP 7 Professional V14 SP1 possesses password-based know-how protection and write protection against unauthorized reading and program block content changes. Copy protection offers greater protection from unauthorized copying of blocks of programs. These blocks can be connected to a memory card’s serial number so that the block can only be executed when the programmed memory card is inserted in the CPU.

In addition, the controller can be allocated several user groups with different access rights by four different authorization rates.

Improved defense against abuse provides better security against unauthorized changes in data transmitted between STEP 7 and the controller.

Migration support for existing hardware and software product

A SIMATIC STEP 7 Professional V14 migration tool supports switching from S7-300/S7-400 to the S7-1500 controller and automatically converts machine code. Automatically recorded program code that is not modifiable yet can be manually modified. STEP 7 V12 SP1 projects will continue to use STEP 7 Professional V14 in compatibility mode.

Team engineering-more than one person performing a job at the same time

Several people often work simultaneously on the same project, particularly during the engineering phase of an automation task. With TIA Portal V14 and the PLC proxy function, control and visualization tasks can be developed alongside each other. Using a PLC proxy, data to be viewed from a STEP 7 (TIA Portal) or STEP 7 V5.4 SP3 project can be imported into the WinCC V14 visualization project to implement the visualization there. In addition, STEP 7 Professional V14 and S7-1500 FW1.5 support online commissioning functions that multiple users can use simultaneously.

TIA Portal Multiuser Engineering solution allows for several users to work on the same project simultaneously. This leads to a significant reduction in construction times, and projects can be finished quicker.

Technical specifications

STEP 7 Professional V14 (TIA Portal)

Type of license

Floating license

Software class


Current version

V14 SP1

Target system

SIMATIC S7-1200, S7-1500, S7-300, S7-400, WinAC, software controllers

Minimum software and hardware requirements


Intel Core i3-6100M 2.30 GHz or higher


4 GB

Hard disk

SATA with at least 8 GB storage space


100 Mbit or more

Screen resolution

1024 x 768

Operating systems

Windows 7 (64-bit)

  • Windows 7 Professional SP1
  • Windows 7 Enterprise SP1
  • Windows 7 Ultimate SP1

Windows 8.1 (64-bit)

  • Windows 8.1 Professional
  • Windows 8.1 Enterprise

Windows 10 (64-bit)

  • Windows 10 Professional Version 1607
  • Windows 10 Enterprise Version 1607
  • Windows 10 Enterprise 2016 LTSB
  • Windows 10 Enterprise 2015 LTSB

Windows Server (64-bit)

  • Windows Server 2008 R2 StdE SP1 (full installation)
  • Windows Server 2012 R2 StdE (full installation)
  • Windows Server 2016 Standard (full installation)

Recommended PC hardware


SIMATIC Field PG M5 Advanced or higher (or comparable PC)


Intel Core i5-6440EQ (up to 3.4 GHz)


16 GB or more (32 GB for large projects)

Hard disk

SSD with at least 50 GB storage space available


1 Gbit (for multi-user)


15.6″ full HD display (1920 x 1080 or higher)

Compatibility with other SIMATIC products

Parallel to other versions of STEP 7 V11 to V13 SP2, STEP 7 V5.5 SP4, STEP 7 Micro / WIN V4.0 SP9, WinCC versatile 2008 SP3 and WinCC (from V7.2), STEP 7 Professional / Standard V14 SP1 (including WinCC Standard V14 SP1) can be mounted on a PC. A project upgrade to TIA Portal V14 is carried out solely on the basis of projects TIA Portal V13 SP1 (recommended latest update). The new version of V13 SP2 is included with the V14 items to give you the best possible support here. It does not have a compatibility mode.

What are the requirements for installing TIA Portal SP 1 STEP 7 

1. General

The installation specifications for Phase 7 (TIA Portal)V14 SP1 are included in the Product Details and the manuals:

  • STEP 7 Professional / Basic V14 SP1
  • STEP 7 Professional V14 SP1 – Installation
  • STEP 7 Basic V14 SP1 – Installation

2. Parallel installation of STEP 7(TIA Portal) V14 to other versions of STEP 7

You can also install other versions of STEP 7 on your computer in parallel to STEP 7 (TIA Portal) V14:

  • STEP 7 (TIA Portal) V11, V12, V13
  • STEP 7 V5.5 SP4 or V5.6
  • STEP 7 Professional 2010 SR3
  • STEP 7 Micro/WIN V4.0 SP9

Parallel online operation of STEP 7 V5.x and STEP STEP 7 (TIA Portal) is not enabled.

Note on WinCC and WinCC flexible

  • — Flexible and WinCC (TIA Portal) can be mounted concurrently on one and the same device.
  • —WinCC and WinCC (TIA Portal) can not be installed simultaneously on one and the same PC.

3. Projects opening from earlier STEP 7 versions (TIA Portal)

You can only open configurations that you built with STEP 7 (TIA Portal) V13 SP1 (or higher) using STEP 7 (TIA Portal) V14 and higher. Projects originating from earlier versions of STEP 7 (TIA Portal) must first be saved and compiled in STEP 7 (TIA Portal) V13 SP1 (or above).

4. Compatibility with projects STEP 7 V5.4 and V5.5

You can migrate projects created with STEP 7 V5.5 or STEP 7 Professional 2010 into STEP 7 (TIA Portal) V14 using the “Project > Migrate Project …” function in STEP 7 (TIA Portal) V14. The STEP 7 projects which include a flexible WinCC or WinCC configuration can also be migrated to the TIA Portal V14 with the flexible parts included in the WinCC. Configurations generated with WinCC V7.0+SP2 or lower are not also currently being migrated. You should then have installed the following components on your computer:

  • STEP 7 V5.4+SP5 and higher
  • WinCC V7.0+SP2 and higher or WinCC flexible 2008+SP2

You cannot migrate WinCC V7.0+SP1 or lower.

Torrent Download

Siemens Simatic TIA Portal v14.0 SP1 x64  [62.16 GB]


To register SIMATIC STEP 7 (TIA Portal) V14 check 

Simatic EKB Installer Compendium : Activate SIEMENS Products

Simatic EKB Install 2018

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